The Full Extent product suite bridges the gap between traditional Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and modern enterprise content systems, by bringing together geo-semantic tagging and the ability to create, publish and manage state-of- the art maps delivering context to content.

Full Extent gives its users a different way of contextualising and managing information to derive location intelligence from any document by putting them on a map.

The Full Extent software and services can analyse the content of any unstructured document – PDF’s, web pages, RSS feeds, Word docs –any text in any format. It then semantically identifies references to places and makes it easy for non-technical users to place document links onto an interactive map so that people can find information according to where, as well as what, it relates to! Spatial layers are created from this information and users can overlay related information on just about anything on the fly!

Full Extent extends rather than replaces its client current Enterprise Content publishing process. We bring a mapping and location intelligence capability that unlocks the value of an organisation’s content by putting in context.

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