Relevant and current projects

Endeavour Energy: SER project – capture and management of environment reports and infrastructure – impact assessment GIS system.

NSW Office of Environment and Heritage: Bio-Diversity Reform and Assessment Program

NSW Office of Environment and Heritage: Coastal Explorer NSW

Department of Planning: Housing Strategy

NSW Department of Planning: E-planning Program

IAG NZ Earthquake assessment project

NSW Land and Property Information (sold to private sector since): Spatial Information exchange.

NSW Department of Aboriginal Affairs: OHCRE Project

NSW Library: World War 1 Diary – Digitization and NLP Mapping


Mapping and Natural Language Processing (NLP) for Insurance (Suncorp POC)

Mapping and NLP for Electronic Communication monitoring (MobileX and Trustsphere)

Drone and satellite remote data acquisition (multi spectral, multiband, infrared, thermal, etc.. ), processing, visualisation and mapping using an AI based decision system and machine learning engine for Precision Agriculture (with Southern Cross drones Ltd)


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